Michael Paul, trumpet:  Michael is enormously passionate about his craft, and you see that the second he meets the mouthpiece.  he comes from the talented stock that only the University of North Texas can produce and has enjoyed a robust career as bandleader, musical director and lead playing cruise ships touring the world.  He has led many groups, including jazz combos, symphonies and big bands.

Bruce Andresen, trumpet, treasurer, and music librarian:  Bruce enjoys the community focus of the group, and looks forward to sharing big band music with the North Portland neighborhood and beyond.

Sarvesh Garimella, trumpet: Climate scientist by day and trumpet player by night, Sarvesh grew up in Athens, GA and has played in bands from grade school through grad school. He has lived in all four corners of the US, most recently arriving in Portland in August 2016 and joining NoPo soon after.

 Brian Haslanger, trumpet:  Brian has been making music since age 10 and has enjoyed performing in a wide variety of ensembles -- orchestras, concert bands, jazz bands, community bands, drum corps, and musical theater.  Brian also plays trombone and bass guitar and has been known to fill in as director for NoPo Big Band on occaision.  He is a professional web developer and lives in Happy Valley with his wonderful wife and 2 children.